I did a search recently on learning to read and right music as an adult. Is
it as hard as learning a new language, since it basically is a language of its
own? Would I fair better as an adult, versus trying to learn as a kid? Could I
ever expect to be as good as someone who has trained in music since they could
stand and walk?  For the most part I got the answers that I had expected, but
there were a few glimmers of hope in there.

First I learned that even though children do learn and grasp with much
greater ease (no surprise there) as adults our enhanced appreciation for certain
things, certain music, life in general, makes the process of learning less
intense and usually a more enjoyable experience than it does as a child. Our
ability as adults to have more say so in the how, what, when, how much practice,
etc, can create a relaxed environment in which to pick up and grasp certain
elements of learning music.  I also came across the opinion that learning to
read and write music, and play instruments makes us smarter (I did say opinion)
but some good points where made.

I read that the desire to learn to play and create music is indicative of
goal oriented people and that drive, that never give up autonomous spirit, is an
embedded thing that exist before and is greatly enhanced once there is success.
I read, and reread a lot things. Some I have heard before, some new theories and
information I am taking in for the first time. What does it mean? I am not quit
sure, but I know what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean at all that I will be
successful at my venture but I think I will, well I have had a lot of joy in


One of the names that came up constantly when I was doing my search was Gary
Marcus, a professor of psychology at NYU. I read about his Guitar Hero
experience that led to his learning to play guitar in his 40’s and then
(surprise, surprise) I came across his book, Guitar
Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning, 
maybe I will check it


Some other things that got me to thinking, was talk about instructors and
teachers who specifically develop methods for teaching adults. I have been
pretty confined for the last few year (translation stubborn as all out doors)
and never gave much thought to getting an instructor, probably because of my
limited finances. I did once a few years back check into music courses at the
community college I attended, but unlike a lot of the other course, all music
courses were reserved for those majoring in music. (I took Music appreciation).
Who knows what is next, I think I will start documenting my journey, some more
blog post, some videos to the you tube channel, some picks of tools and methods
I am using to make it easier for me. Hopefully I can get an admirer or supporter
or two who can chime in maybe give some advice.

There will be some more on the Klavarskribo notation, something I just
learned about(no idea) I will have to do some research, but I heard is an
alternative that makes leaning notes easy, and this guitar aid that is
apparently a hit which makes it easy to play chords. Heard there was a lot of
controversy surrounding it, people being called lazy, etc. I need to find out
more. Yeah I am a day late and dollar short as always.




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